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Garden Center & Nursery

A casual stroll in the sunny parkway. A walk along a shady garden path. A quiet pause by a flowing fountain. This is Chesterton Feed & Garden Center. A destination point for both novice gardeners and experienced plant lovers, you’ll find a peaceful spot of beauty and tranquility. Be inspired by the lush colors, textures, and shapes of nature. It’s brimming with the vivid hues of birds, blossoms, and butterflies.

Watch playful birds splash in the gently rippling stream. Enjoy the sound of rushing water as it cascades over a rocky waterfall into the beautiful lily pond. Be amazed at the brilliant colors of exotic garden Koi as they gracefully dance through the crystal clear water.

Take home the magic of Chesterton Feed & Garden Center. Create your own painters palette right in your own backyard. Enjoy the gentle dances of butterflies as they flutter through your gardens. Smell the plump ripe “Blue Jewels” as you harvest your fresh crop of blueberries. Relish the taste of the season’s first vine ripe tomato as the juice drips off your chin. Immerse yourself in a Monet-like setting aside your water garden’s edge where the sound of a waterfall hypnotizes the spirit and playful garden Koi splash amongst the exquisite water lily blooms. And when you finally kick back at the end of the day with an ice cold glass of lemonade, revel in the allure of your very own Garden of Eden.

In every season, the sights, sounds and fragrance of the great outdoors await you at Chesterton Feed & Garden Center! Come visit us today!

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Chesterton Feed & Garden Center
400 Locust Street
Chesterton, Indiana 46304
P. (219) 926-2790
F. (219) 926-7412
E. info@ChestertonFeed.com

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Open 7 days a week all year-round
Monday - Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 10am-4pm